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Ryokan Kobe - Kobe is a dynamic port city that also hosts one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations, the Kobe International Convention Center. Kobebe is a cosmopolitan, relaxed, vibrant city with a strong sense of history, culture and history.

Kobe has some of Japan's best international restaurants, not to mention local delicacies like Kobe beef. If you don't want to break the bank but still want to enjoy the delicacy, try Meriken Hatoba, which serves all kinds of Kobe beef at an affordable price and is located near the Motomachi train station in Chinatown. Other top dishes in Kobe include Kobebe Sobameshi, a variety of fried noodles, fried rice and other dishes that offer a cheaper option for those who want to eat in and around Kobe.

The Japanese garden on the Kobe premises is also a shopping hotspot and offers a glimpse into some of Kobe's most popular shopping and dining districts. The view is sensational, the lights of passing boats and the water surface are reflected day and night. If you continue along the garden path, you can enjoy a change of scenery.

Kobe Port Tower is the place to come if you want to see what many locals consider the city's national symbol. In particular, the Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel is located in an exceptional location on the edge of a pier, surrounded by a 270 degree ocean. Visit the stylish Kobe Maritime Museum for a stroll through Japan's maritime history or climb to the observation deck. The hotel offers views of the Kobe harbour from the restaurant and guest rooms.

The Arima Hot Springs (Ryokan Hanamusubi) are located on the top of Mount Rokko, and the Kosenkaku Hot Springs are one of the most popular hot springs in Japan and a popular destination for tourists. Ryokansbe in the city centre, with its beautiful view of the Kobe skyline, is a great place for a day trip or weekend getaway.

For those who prefer a more traditional Japanese ambience, Kobe's Nada district is home to some of Japan's best sake breweries. Kobe is famous for sake, a type of beer made from the water of the nearby mountains. It is also known for yoshoku, western foods that adopt the style and in particular its adaptations. These include sushi, ramen, kimchi, sushi rolls, sashimi and even kabuki (karaoke).

As for the capsule hotels, Kua House Hotel in Kobe has convinced us that it is the best capsule hotel in Kobe. Sunroute Sopra Kobe has the advantage of being close to several popular tourist attractions, including the Nada district, the Kobe Museum of Art and Tokyo Dome, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

Kobe Bay Sheraton offers a variety of leisure facilities so you have to choose according to your travel needs. If you prefer a room with synchronized snoring with your fellow travelers, there is also a private pool, a spa and even a gym for those who prefer. There are a number of concept rooms overlooking the streets of Kobane, including a family room that will please children, as well as a hotel bar and restaurant.

Hotel Portopia offers a free shuttle bus service to and from the city centre and a number of other hotels and restaurants. Hotel Okura is one of the most popular hotels in Kobane and offers a variety of amenities including an outdoor pool, a wellness centre and even a gym.

Although it is hard to imagine that there is a more beautiful city than Kobe in Japan than the capital, the fact is that Kobe is only a few hours walk from the city center and you can easily walk up the hill to Ijinkan Kitano. There is also the Kobe Port Tower, a place you will probably want to visit sometime during your trip to Kobe. The best thing about Kobe is its proximity to Japan's second largest city and the world's largest port city.

Kobe is located in the heart of the city centre, just a few kilometres from Ijinkan Kitano, the second largest port city in the world.

Awaji Island can be reached by ferry from the port city of Ijinkan Kitano, which is located just a few kilometers from the center of Kobane.

Those who want to make the most of their stay in Kobe can enjoy a great view of the bay, which is particularly beautiful at night. The Kobe City Museum is located directly opposite the hotel and can be visited during your stay. The bar offers a wide selection of food and drinks, as well as a good selection of beer and wine.

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More About Kobe