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The hotel has 25 well-appointed rooms overlooking a "Japanese garden," according to a press release issued by Kobayashi Rising, the hotel's parent company, in partnership with 361O.

Analysts at Lodging Economics expect it to open in the second half of 2019, and the redevelopment is the first major renovation since the establishment was built three decades ago. The rooms are the best in Japan and there are 81,592 rooms, which are due to start construction within the next 12 months. The number of new hotel buildings is expected to continue to fall and rise, with 66,989 rooms set to open by 2021.

It is followed by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with 55 hotels and 14,801 rooms, followed by Singapore with 13,811 rooms and Hong Kong with 11,932 rooms.

The US is the second largest pipeline in the region, after China, with 1,932 hotels, accounting for more than half of the total hotel capacity in the Asia-Pacific region. South Korea follows with 542 hotels with 14,811 rooms, followed by Byung-hwa, South Africa with 4,564 hotels, followed by Hong Kong with 3,073 hotels and Singapore with 2,098 rooms. The report notes that China's largest hotel market in this region is in South America, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The leading hotel pipeline in the Asia-Pacific region is Japan with 1,932 hotels with 14,811 rooms, followed by Hong Kong with 3,073 hotels and Singapore with 2,098 rooms.

There are 25 major luxury and boutique hotels in one of Japan's most popular destinations. With a pipeline of 1,932 hotels with 14,811 rooms, Hilton Hotels & Resorts' full-service offering is at a record high. Hilton DoubleTree has 30 projects with 6,090 rooms, Holiday Inn Express 36 projects with 7,098 rooms and IHG has 26 projects with 707 rooms for a total of 2,073 rooms in Japan.

This is a design led by Yukio Hashimoto, who has created this charming property for atmosphere rather than aesthetics. The refined design is inspired by the nearby Nijo Castle and is arranged around a central courtyard that changes to offer guests different experiences throughout the year. Each room even has a balcony, which offers guests a view of the Unesco World Heritage Site, which was listed in 1994. Plat will receive a welcome list, but be warned that you will not be allowed in until you have checked in your room on the club floor. A welcome sheet of the club also lists a number of exclusive events, such as concerts, private dinners and special events.

Please read the conditions you read and accept before booking your stay or visit the official website of your trip. For more information about the hotel and when to book, and a full list of special events, please visit the "Hotel" page.

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To be eligible for this offer, your stay must be booked at least two weeks in advance and must be booked by the end of the month to be eligible. If you are exploring the region by train, the Courtyard Shin Osaka is probably the best option. A number of Kobe hotels are superior in the same price range, but none of them are really worse for moving. The club and lounge are definitely the worst in Japan, so that's great for you.

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More About Kobe