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When you think about what to do in Kobe, Japan, museums may not be high on your list, but there are many museums in and around Kobe. Kobe City is the second largest city in Japan and the third largest in the country after Tokyo. The Shinkansen is easily accessible from several of Japan's other major cities, including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

From Kyoto, you can take Shinkansen from Shin-Kobe Station and reach Awaji Island in less than an hour, leaving every hour.

Kobe is well connected to the rest of Japan and can be used as a starting point to explore the areas of Kansai with a JR Pass. The metro is also useful and therefore a good choice for long-term trips to other parts of the country. If you want to travel to a city that is less crowded than Tokyo or Osaka, Kobe offers you new excitement and discoveries.

Before you visit Kobe, take a look at our guide to Japan and everything you need to know. Before you work at icann64, please read some things that might surprise you when you learn about Kobe Japan.

To help you plan your holiday in Kobe, we have listed the places you should visit, and detailed some of the most important sights that are important to the city, its people and its culture. If you look at the best things to do in Kobe Japan, you won't miss the view. This video shows you the best things you can do every day in the second largest city in the world.

From Ijinkan Kitano, it is easy to walk up the hill and visit Kawasaki Park, the largest park in the city and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kobe. Other attractions, including the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Tower and the Great Wall of China, are located in Merikan Park.

From Ijinkan Kitano you can visit the Kobe Maritime Museum and Hotel Okura, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Great Wall of China and the Tokyo Dome in the distance.

You can also visit Arima Onsen Kobe, the oldest Onsen city in Japan, located directly in Kobe itself. If you are a fan of the Japanese hot spring culture, you should not miss this place, and it has become one of the most popular hot springs in the country and a popular tourist destination. Bebe is located on the outskirts of Kobe, with its hidden on Mount Rokko, just a short drive from the city center.

If you have already spent a few days in Osaka and want to take a day trip to Kobe, it is so easy. As mentioned above, the perfect day trip starts with the departure from Kobe Station and arrival at Sannomiya Station in Kobe. Next destination on your trip to Kobe will be to drive up the mountain to the Shin - Kobe Shinkansen station.

Not far from Kobe is Arima Onsen, a popular onsek, which offers a great opportunity to relax and experience the "Onsen Ryokan" and Japanese culture. The restaurant has a European-influenced area you already know, the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden, which is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and a very popular tourist attraction.

If you want a 360 degree view of Kobe, visit the observation deck of the Kobe Port Tower. There are several levels of observatory from which 360 degree views can be seen from it, including the top, bottom and top levels. If you are looking for a view of Kobe from above, try the Shin Kobe cable car.

To get a view of the city from the Kansai area, head to Mount Maya (Mount Rokko), which is the tip of Kobe and Japan's landmark. Arima Onsen is one of our best places in Kobe and is located on the opposite side of the Roksko Mountains. Arimas onsen, at the foot of Mount Rokka, is located within the city limits of Kobe and is therefore a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

One of the attractions of Rokko Island is Japan's first fashion museum at the foot of Mount Maya, the only museum of its kind in Japan. If you don't want to go shopping, Meriken Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kobe and also a great place for a picnic.

The Kobe City Museum is housed in a building that originally existed as a bank and is one of the best places to learn about the history of Kobe. Kobe houses some of Japan's most famous museums, such as the Kobe Museum of Art. Indeed, so much of Kobe's activity is said to contradict the typical "Japanese trend."

There are restaurants that serve Kobe beef, but you also have to walk around to see it, and you can't really visit them if you only have the best of the best and your budget doesn't matter. These restaurants are a great place for lunch and dinner or even an evening with friends and family.

More About Kobe

More About Kobe