Kobe, Japan


Built on the southern side of main island of Japan, Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan with a population of around 1.5 million. Kobe is also considered one of the most attractive and important city because of its ports.


  • TA KENAKA CARPENTRY TOOLS MUSEAM: A perfect place to start your trip in Kobe as it will give you insight of the history and craftsmanship of this place. Ideal place for kids as well as adults.
  • KOBE ANIMAL KINGDOM: Some rare and unique birds and animals of Japan are here which makes the place worth coming. Animal shows are also organised here.
  • MT. MAYA: In the Mt. Maya you can enjoy the view of entire Kobe which is mesmerising. You can walk your way to top or you can take cable cars.
  • KOBE NUNOBIKI HERB GARDEN: There are numerous things which makes this place a traveller’s dream that are gondola ride, Ropeway, clear blue skies view full of flowers and statues, Fragrance Museum, Waterfalls.
  • OJI ZZOO: To take off the city’s heat, Oji zoo is a good place for weekend for adults and kids. The zoo is comfortable due to small walking distance and animal visibility. Don’t miss those cute pandas.


  • STEAK AOYAMA: A small family restaurant which offers you the world-famous Kobe beef. Foods and atmosphere of Japanese steak house is excellent.
  • BISTROT CAFÉ DE PARIS IN KOBE: If you don’t want to go for beef dominated cuisine in Kobe, you can come here and sit on a nice terrifying and enjoying the view and enjoy the drinks.
  • KOBE BEEF STEAK ISHIDA KITANOZAKA: Another great place to experience is the Kobe beef. Nice cut of most tender and savoury steak is a dream of every meat lover.
  • KOKUBU: Another place known for the Kobe beef. Accommodation and Hospitality is good here which adds with the food to give a lovely experience.