Kobe, Japan


Kobe is the sixth largest city situated in central Japan. It has the population of 1.5 million and part of metropolitan area among Osaka and Kyoto. Like other cities in Japan, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Kobe as at this time of the year weather is neither too hot nor too cold.


Hygo prefectural Museum of art: This is the largest museum of its own kind in western Japan exhibiting paintings, antiques, prints and other artwork.

Mount Rokko: It is the highest peak in the Rokko mountain range that gives the eye-catching view of greenery and also a stunning view of sunrise and sunset.

Akash kaikyo bridge: It is the world’s longest suspension bridge having length of almost four kilometers. Beautiful to visit with your loved ones.

Earthquake museum:  It is a memorial of an earthquake that hit the city in 1995.It commemorates the tragic incident that killed more than 5000 people.

Nakin machi: It is a Chinatown in Kobe. This area is developed by a Chinese merchant and is a popular tourist attraction for shopping and food.


Kobe Nishimura coffee shop: This place is well known for its beverages and Japanese tea. The cafe has western design with a Japanese touch.

Kitano club: It is one of the most popular restaurant in the city, well known for its extraordinary views. They change their menu every month.

Wakkaoqu: Their menu features many beef dishes which is cooked directly in front of the customers, it will be a unique experience for you.

Nishimura: This cafe offers more than 20 different blends of coffee, all of which roasted on site.